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Grander Energy ®
Marginal Oil Field Experts

Welcome to Grander Energy ®, where marginal oil field operations and services are simple, cost effective and fast track. 

Are you looking to set up a mobile offshore production unit or floating storage offloading tanker in a shallow water marginal oil field? Look no further than the cutting-edge and exceptionally cost-effective setups and services we offer here at Grander Energy. 

A Little About Us


Established by marine and offshore specialists headquartered out of Singapore, we have an enviable track record when it comes to the development and operation of Marginal Oil Fields. We have established strong working and collaborative relationships with an extensive network of partners and affiliate companies to provide the most cost-effective and highly creative solutions to achieve the goals for our clients. 

The agreements and partnerships we have in place with key providers in the industry are what enable us to deliver on budget, on time, and safely. 


At Grander Energy, we believe that what sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we are focused on Marginal Oil Fields in particular, and rather than just providing the assets, we offer a complete turnkey solution. Our comprehensive services include:


Project Management and Marine Consultancy 

As specialists in Marginal Field Development, we offer our expert advice and can help to identify the cost-effective solution that’s best for you. We can install, decommission, mobilize, demobilize, and offer consultancy, design, and development support when it comes to MOPUs and FSOs and FEED (Front End Engineering Design) for Marginal Fields



We charter AHTS, AHT, and Crane barges to support the installation, operations, and decommissioning of Marginal Oil Field setups. 

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Production Solutions

Our one-stop solution provides you with all the offshore production facilities you need including:

  • MOPUs and FSOs

  • Conductor Supported Wellhead Platforms

  • Mooring Systems

  • Export Flexible Flowlines


Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our build to operate model offers a seamless solution for our clients, as we are not just involved in the project but also in the operations phase. We offer operations and maintenance services and will work alongside your team for as long as necessary, to ensure there are no problems or issues with any of the solutions we provide. 

Why Choose Us?


When you choose to work with Grander Energy, you get the benefit of our wealth of experience and expert knowledge, access to our specialist’s resource pool, as well as our attention to detail and drive to provide safe, affordable, and efficient solutions.

You get the benefit, also, of:
•    A full turnkey, all-in-one solution
•    The most affordable service
•    Without any compromises being made on efficiency and safety. 


Want to Work with Marginal Oil Field Experts With a Proven Track Record? 

If you have been looking around for a marginal oil field services company you can trust, look no further than our team right here at Grander Energy. Professional, passionate, and fully committed to achieving results for our customers, we deliver the support and guidance they need, when they need it more. Speak to one of the members of our Singapore-based team today to find out more.


Sustainable Energy

We are committed in providing innovative solutions that will help reduce the carbon footprint for existing oil fields and operations.
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