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Conductor Supported Wellhead Platform


Shallow water well bay modules connected to a jack-up mobile offshore production unit (MOPU) support wells in a similar way to a traditional platform but eliminate the need for the CAPEX commitment of a fixed jacket platform as well as fast tracks the development.

For a typical well bay module, the jack-up forms the topside of the system housing all equipment and facilities with the conductors used to contain and protect the wells. Additional subsea structures can also be used as required to meet platform design lives, mitigate environmental effects such as fatigue, or allow the system to free stand during jack-up demobilisation.

These systems provide a number of benefits:

  • Fast tracks the time to first oil to allow maximum and efficient production

  • Reduces CAPEX and helps in making marginal field developments economically viable

  • Enable simple and cost-effective abandonment/de-commissioning

  • Allow handover from MODU to MOPU if required


Grander Energy partners with specialized engineering companies and fabricators in tailoring the most efficient and cost-effective solution for conductor supported wellhead platforms.

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