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Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)


Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPU) converted from existing self-elevating unit (SEU) are often considered for shallow water production fields. They offer opportunities for fast-track development in comparison to new construction of fixed jackets and are typically able to be deployed on site without specialized offshore installation vessels.

When to use a MOPU for field development?

  • For more and more applications, oil companies are considering the use of mobile offshore production units (MOPUs), especially jack-ups, instead of conventional platforms. A variety of economic considerations usually come into play in making such a decision.

  • Three main economic items are usually taken into consideration in the decision-making process: schedule, cost, and risk. When compared with conventional offshore developments, MOPUs have demonstrated potential economic advantages in each of these areas.

  • In regards to schedule, an available jack-up can generally be fitted for production and routed to its location in less time than required to build a conventional site-specific structure and facilities. Construction market conditions may often dictate that is less costly to retrofit an existing jack-up then it is to built and install a conventional platform.  

  • The fact that a jack-up can easily be moved to another location or retrofitted for another purpose minimizes the financial and market risks of using them for marginal reservoirs or other applications with high degrees of uncertainty.


Speak to us about your MOPU requirement. Our Team members has managed the conversion and operations of 7 MOPUs bringing a wealth of experience and lessons learned to the table.  Grander Energy offers build to operate models and can taper it to our client’s requirements. 

MOPU Specification:
  • Classification Society Bureau Veritas/ABS - Offshore Self Elevating Unit

  • Design Life 10 years

  • Man Riding Cranes API Spec 2C 

  • Helideck (CAP437 compliant)

  • Accommodation 50 pax

  • Production Manifolds 12

  • Crude Handling  30,000 bpd

  • Water Handling 30,000 bpd

  • Water Injection 30,000 bpd

  • Gas Handling      15 mmscf/d

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